We can be thankful even when there is a longing for something we don’t have right? Perhaps we must be, especially then.

There’s this big conference coming up; it starts today. But, it’s in another state…in a land far, far away...


Several months ago I began seeing the need to attend conferences for writing/blogging. Through these events attendees learn & connect with others.

Thankfully, I was able to go to the Declare Conference last August. It then became clear that a Christian writing/blogging conference could also mean the opportunity to be spiritually challenged and encouraged. And the best part, fellowship with sisters and brothers in Christ.

Fellowship. Connecting with others and seeing how God weaves stories together. These are things I thrive on.


So, Declare was such a treat in this regard. Today, Allume begins. Lots of fellowship is going to be happening there too. Many of the beautiful women with whom I’ve connected online will be there, in person. I want to be a part of it to meet them and to have real life conversations.

Yet, I’m thankful I’m not going.

Through prayerful consideration months ago, I knew that I had to choose. Declare or Allume. I live in TX and so the TX based conference certainly made more sense. Despite logic, I wanted to see if there was a way I could still get to Allume. Could I get a sponsorship? Should I sell things to raise funds? What if I shared a room with strangers to save funds?

God was pretty clear to my heart. “Let it go. Not this year.”

Reluctantly I did. And then he reminded me how blessed I was through the Declare Conference. How blessed I am today in what He has for me this week, without a conference.

Somehow I knew there was a reason behind the spirit’s nudging. Of course, there always is right? God was prompting my heart to trust Him in it. You know, see it with eyes of faith rather than eyes of fix-it-yourself. You know…letting God be God. That kind of thing.

I’ll be honest, my heart wants to be there and meet up with these crazy, amazing, beautiful writing/blogging friends. I want to meet every single one, shake their hand or give them a hug and say “Hi”. I’d love to visit with every one and find out about their story, how God is working in their life and pray with them if he led.


It’s those types of connections that creates the longing.


It’s the whispers from God that create the calming.

This week it became more clear why this wasn’t the right year for me, or the right conference, or whatever. There are a couple others I will attend in November. God’s plans & His timing, they really are best. Can I get an Amen?

In the meantime, it is time to remember the messages that he puts on my heart so often.

Dear one – be still. I’ve got this.

“God’s got this Jo,” I will remind myself.

I thought I’d miss out by not going, but God says don’t miss out on where I’m going. Go with me.

After years of trying to make things happen for myself, I’m intentionally seeking let God do more of the “making” and the “happening” in my life. I don’t want my way if it isn’t God’s way.

Friends – it is not worth it. I never want to miss His best again.

He wants to delight us, and be delighted in by us, through His means, His way. 

I am thankful that He has given me the strength to say “Lord, your way. That twinge of longing in my heart? Massage it, soothe it, replace it with your life giving presence.” Will you join me in thankfulness?

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to recording what he teaches me this weekend as he takes somewhere else where I didn’t originally intend to go.

What do you do when you wish you were going somewhere where all your friends are going, but you can’t?

God’s got it. Let’s say it together and give it over to him, together, shall we? It’s more fun that way.

Share one way He has shown himself faithful to you when you didn’t get to go somewhere you wanted.

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