For far too long the enemy has tried to silence me. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t intend to stop, but I do intend to do something about it. In order to do so, I’m leaning in to God more than ever & finding ways to face fear and live in His freedom.

I intend to rise up from the ashes of pain & suffering and see God’s beautiful redemption story play out.

I intend to rise up from the lies I’ve held on to by replacing them with God’s truths instead.

I intend to rise up as a writer and speaker in the venues which God allows.

I intend to rise up with the words I use in various forms of social media.

I intend to rise up in the places and relationships where I live and interact daily, with love & care for others.

Because when God is working in us, He works powerfully through us.

Sometimes that means being quiet and listening to the words of others.

Sometimes it means being quiet and listening to the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

And sometimes it means taking a stand to say what needs to be said and learning how to do it in a way which honors the King whom we serve.

In all these ways, and many more, Christ-following believers are pushing through the tensions of platform building and online appearances to use words for His glory and our good.


God put this burden in my heart some time ago when I heard him say, “Encourage authors”. At the time, I wasn’t sure how that could happen, or what value I could provide except a heart passionate to provide encouragement.

Since then, He’s shown me it’s about far more than authors. This burden is to inspire, encourage and equip writers of all kinds. Including those who use social media, entrepreneurs, bloggers, speakers, word poets, song writers, fiction writers and the list goes on.

If you use words and want to use them well for the kingdom of God, #RiseUpWriters has room for you.


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