Here we are here.

Each of us unique.

We’re wondering what’s next. What steps we’ll take and where will God take us if only we trust Him to do so.

Each of us with a different voice, a unique place, and a God-given story to live.

Some of you are young and some are older. Some are seasoned writers and some still dream of getting started.

Today, we begin together.

Please know that I am deeply honored, humbled & grateful for each one of you. As I take time prepare for the week, I am going through each and every name subscribed. I am praying for you.

Our Father in heaven knows me & He knows you by name. He knows the way to go. He knows each designed stop and each detour. I’ll be honest, before we have even begun I felt the powerful pull of the enemy to derail me. How about you?

Ultimately, God is waiting for us to actively trust Him in all the things until we reach our final destination, where He waits with open arms forever and always.

As we travel, our paths may merge closer together or they may diverge and see vastly different sights. My greatest hope is for each of our journeys to fulfill the very best which God has planned.

I tend to think in visual metaphors. Images help me draw deeper connections to the world around me and my part in it. So it goes with #RiseUpWriters.

When it comes to visual representations of God and how He works, these metaphors will inevitably fall short to some degree or another. Yet, I hope you’ll bear with me as we consider our writing lives and personal journeys in new ways.

To begin, let’s consider this journey as sojourners in a foreign land, which we are.

Each of  us is heading towards a trains station. Ticket in hand. Not sure of what’s next. Ready to stand on our platform. Ready to get on board and ride.

Consider this dear one. Just ahead is either our first leg, or the next one, in a travel itinerary without a clear path. We may know what the next stop looks like, or not. We may hope to arrive at specific stops, which may or may not happen. We may be surprised along the way and we may be resistant to detours and uphill climbs. We may fear getting derailed or missing a train or getting on the wrong one altogether.

Notice this; across your ticket are five large letters. G R A C E.

Hidden in the background are the words MERCY and LOVE.

One thing we can all know, which we all have in common as followers of Christ, is our ultimate and final destination. We will all rally Hallelujah at the end when we see Jesus face to face.

With assurance of what is ahead, may we take each step in faith while listening to the often subtle guidance of the Holy Spirit. Much like we might listen for the conductor to tells us its time to board the train, and which train it is that is about to leave, may we turn our ears to the still small voice of the Spirit within us.

Ahead of you are several trains traveling different tracks. You’re ticket may be hard to read or it may have a number of options listed. You don’t for sure where to go or what to do next so what would you do?

You ask for help. You ask for guidance.

When you ask, you listen for a response.

Listen carefully.

What is the Spirit whispering to you right now?

Maybe He has already been whispering something to your heart. What is it? Maybe you aren’t sure what it is, or you find it hard to hear and distinguish His voice among all the others.

Let’s purpose this week to lean in close and listen. Let’s ask God what He is saying and open our hearts to hear & respond.

“Speak Lord, you’re servant is listening.” {1 Samuel 3:10}

If this is hard for you, or if you have felt like God is not speaking, I understand the feeling. Below are a couple of resources which may help. I am also praying for you, and me, and we seek to hear the Spirit’s voice this week.

I’d love it if you would share with me, via email, what you hear & how that applies to you. You can also let me know how i can pray for you.

Until next time, remember the God who sees, sees you. He is so incredibly in love with you. May this week bring much rejoicing in that.

Bless you, friends.
your fellow sojourner

Jolene Underwood

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