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It’s June of 2018 and after nearly four years of quietly serving Christian communicators through email and Facebook, Rise Up Writers is breaking off from my site and becoming it’s own entity.

Hi, I’m Jolene Underwood and I’m the founder of Rise Up Writers.

When it comes to the Christian writing, speaking, entrepreneurial community, I consider myself a facilitator and an encouraging equipper.

My passion is for each person to do the work God has called them to in their unique place of life and space online. It is also for each heart who feels the nudge to write, to grow personally (through emotional and spiritual health) and professionally.

Sometimes I teach and provide content. I also facilitate connections, training, encouragement, and community.

Some content is more about the heart and some is more about what comes out of the heart.

But to get what’s inside the heart of each communicator to the heart of another through the content we create, Rise Up Writers will receive practical help too.

Rise Up Writers History and Progression

Four years ago, I sensed God saying to me, quite out of the blue, “Encourage authors.” My first response was, “Um, I don’t know any. You’re going to have to help me with that.”

He did.

Later, I sensed God giving me the name Rise Up Writers. I didn’t know what to do with it yet. Then I heard, “Start a newsletter.” So, I announced that I would start one and got over a hundred subscribers in just a day or two.

I sent a newsletter out every two weeks. Then the Facebook Community for Rise Up Writers began.

Eventually, I realized the newsletters had great content that needed to be available to others. I was in a phase of transition for my personal blog as well. I stopped writing the RUW newsletters and focused more on the online community.

My goal was to turn the newsletter into regular posts on the blog, but I didn’t accomplish that. Posts became sporadic at best while I fine tuned other areas of writing and creating. Working on Unleash: Heart & Soul Care Sheets took a lot of time and mental energy too.

The Facebook community continued to grow and two co-leaders were added. Jessica VanRoekel and Tammy Mashburn. We began having regular posts for encouragement, article sharing, and more.

In 2017 Zoom calls began. We gathered together to listen to Jen Ferguson talk about Living Authentic in a World Filled with Flash, which was her speaker topic for the SpeakUp Conference.

Today, I’m excited to open up Rise Up Writers to more collective work.

Phase One is this new site and new social media channels. Phase Two will include contributors and a larger team to manage social media and helpful content.

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We love serving you.



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