This Christian oriented writing group is about inspiration, encouragement, and building community.

It is provided as a means of sharing the things we are journeying through as #RiseUpWriters.

Open discussions pertaining to topics covered in the newsletter.

Offer prayer, support & encouragement with regards to the topics covered.

Consider that each person’s personal walk with Jesus is personal to them.

Show grace, love and kindness in responses.

Rejoice with each other.

Pray for each other. Especially for Friday Prayer.

Promote posts, blogs, books etc (unless there is a specific post led by me to do so)

Cast judgment on another persons walk with Jesus.

Ask people to like or follow them. There are times to do this, but this is not the group for it.

Poach the group for information to serve a community elsewhere. (Use the group to gather information for purposes that don’t serve the community.)

Thank you for your consideration.