Each group will need a facilitator. A facilitator moderates the group and gets the group discussions started. Facilitators play a valuable role and without them, we won’t be able to create the groups.

Prayerfully consider checking the box to be a group facilitator.

Facilitators will be responsible for moderating the conversations, initiating the weekly check-ins, and helping the group determine their goals. This could be as simple as calling for a shout-out of each person’s personal weekly or monthly goals and then starting the weekly check in process the following week.

As a facilitator, you would help keep the momentum going and choose the way in which your group will operate based on the needs of members.

About the Levels

These are designated to help each person find the group that best fits the season and space you are in. You will chose your level on the form, linked below.


Like Ruth, you are learning a new culture (the writing life as a subset of our culture) You are faithful, gleaning, and listening to mentors.

You’re feeling at the beginning of the writing journey. Maybe you have written for years privately and are just beginning to step out into the public sector and need encouragement and advice.

You need encouragement to keep writing, to push through fear, and learn the technology. Your focus of need could be the writing itself, the technology, or navigating social media. You want to figure out how to live life while writing.

Writing is a hobby, but you want to make it more.


Like Esther, who faced her fears in approaching the king, you are actively working to face your own fears stepping into hard places of trust. Esther trusted God with the outcome and had a mentor (Mordecai).

You’re at the midpoint of the journey. You’ve got the writing habit established, a moderate handle on the tech and social media, but you still need assistance/accountability/encouragement for pushing through the fears and rejections.

You’re looking to increase your reach and influence but unsure of what steps to take. You’re beyond hobbyist yet not at the “professional level,” but somewhere in the ambiguous middle.

ADVANCED: {Deborah}

Like Deborah, you are a leader of God’s wandering people. You look to God for guidance, lead in battle, and step in the front lines to serve. You are mentor to others as people look to you for advice and help.

You’re at the point in your career where you’re navigating the publishing process, along with growing and keeping your “true fans.” You’re producing content to share and wondering what the best route to do this is. You’ve had some success and some rejections and need a safe place to land with all the feels those experiences produce.

You’re looking to take your writing to the next level: career author.


MEN’S GROUP: {Joseph} You may be in any number of stages in writing/speaking. Like Joseph, you may be ridiculed and deemed irrelevant or you may be in a dark place where it seems no one notices, but you remain faithful to God’s voice. You may be leading the nation, loving others, and standing up for truth.

Whether you are Joseph the Dreamer, Joseph the wrongly imprisoned, Joseph the Ruler, or Joseph the reconciler, your faith will be tested and your work surrendered to God.

What are check points?

Check points are the ways you will check-in with goals and progress.

How will you connect with others in your group? What works best for you? I suspect most people will use Voxer, GroupMe, or create a separate Facebook group.

Please choose the one that fits you best, then chose additional options. Your group facilitator will make the final choice.

What you need to know about frequency

How frequently do you want to check-in with goals and progress?

I am including a text box in case you’d like to elaborate on your thoughts. Feel free to share what frequency and check-ins would look like to you.

Goals & Struggles

This box is for you to include whatever information you would like to add pertaining to your writing related goals and struggles.

This information will be shared with your group facilitator and with Jolene. It will help your facilitator know what needs are part of the group and help Jolene know what needs she might be able to help address.

Fill it out as you wish.