Hi, friends!

Rise Up Writers is a free community with numerous free resources. We love to work collectively with other writers who have a gift to share. This happens through blog content and volunteer positions.

If you’d like to participate in any of these, please check out the requirements below and submit an email to support@riseupwriters.com. We’d love to grow our team so we continue to offer collective content, with low to no costs for the user.

In addition to these blog and volunteer positions, we welcome financial and prayer support to keep us going. Financial support can be sent as a gift via Paypal using this email:  support@joleneunderwood.com

UPDATE: 01/07/2020

Current Open Volunteer Positions


~ Create graphics
~ layout content with graphics, images, announcements, and more
~ create text for some images, or at least start text for most
~ engage with others on Instagram through feed and responding to comments
~ curate quotes, content ideas, and generate content based on blog posts, upcoming events, etc.


~ Use Buffer to schedule tweets
~ curate content on Twitter and elsewhere
~ reply to twitter activity
~ engage with other writers on Twitter

Facebook Page Builder:

~ create a favorite resources page (or more than one)