“Tell me your anxiety about going that direction.”

Um, anxiety? Excuse me while I evade your question, Chad. Let’s talk about something practical and not the underlying issues. Let’s keep it simple. K?

Let’s simply not talk about the real reason why this is a struggle. It’s easier that way. 

Despite immediately dismissing the truth I needed to face, this statement got to me. What did I have to say to my anxiety about sending content to readers?

I couldn’t stop wondering; What is my anxiety all about? Why is it there? What can relieve it?

Our conversation sparked a more honest look into the internal struggles which root many writing related fears.


Writers are thought leaders. I believe all leaders face a number of fears. Those who face them find a freeing ability to hone their message and serve well.

How many of us deal with some level of anxiety surrounding the desire to share a message which is also received and accepted?

We want tension resolved, but the reason it’s there is often hard to face.

If we want real growth we must face the real struggle.

What is the struggle? Is it really about how much content to send out and the complexities of having more than one audience? Or, is there more to it?

I don’t want to overwhelm readers with too many emails, but worrying about how many emails I send out induces anxiety for more reasons than the practical and technical.

Underlying fears must be identified, faced, and brought before our loving Father if we want to experience freedom and fulfill our callings as Rise Up Writers.

Perhaps you identify with some of these anxieties?

  1. What if my reader gets annoyed with me for sending out too much content?
  2. What if they get tired of hearing from me?
  3. What if my content isn’t relatable?
  4. What if no one responds?
  5. What if no one gets it?
  6. What if they unsubscribe?
  7. What if they reject me, leave me, don’t want me?

The fears which lie underneath these anxieties:

  1. Not receiving approval.
  2. Not receiving acceptance.
  3. Not receiving value.

Ultimately, many of us fear not receiving value from our audience. We are looking for some kind of fulfillment which we’re meant to receive from God first and foremost. He longs for us to know this deeply and pervasively.

Dare I say, and please know I say this without any condemnation, our anxieties are rooted in fear of man and not fear of God.

Could we be idolizing man? It’s a question I don’t want to ask.

I shudder to think it could be so. It’s a far cry from what I want to do. But this kind of idol making puts others and myself before God. That makes me shudder all the more.

Admittedly, I do this regularly. I don’t want to admit it, but by allowing the truth of what I’m doing sink in a bit, I find myself at the starting block of healing and freedom.

When we admit our failures before God we find a God who meets us in them and offers freedom from them. 

The beauty of God’s love for us becomes that much more valuable to our hearts when we see how much we need it. As a result of the overflowing love of Christ in our lives, our lives will pour out His love.

We will see our fears and anxieties turn into a place of freedom.

We will see God’s love pouring through us the more it works powerfully in us.

We will experience a mindset shift where we are able to focus on GIVING VALUE to readers over GETTING OUR VALUE from them.



Do you face these anxieties/fears? What is God saying to you about them? Can you hear his heart for you?


Lift them to the Lord in prayer today. No condemnation from him or me. Only freedom.

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