Writing every day, for a solid month, is definitely challenging. As a blogger who desires to connect with readers, while not losing any, I find my audience is widening in some respects and narrowing in others.

I’m not alone.

The initial ping of rejection hits because no one likes seeing people ‘unsubscribe’. I think it’s fairly safe to say that every one has a desire to see others approve of & enjoy their work, whether it’s writing or anything else.

On the Facebook group for this 31 Days of Writing challenge, several bloggers feel overwhelmed with the daily task &/or the technical side of blogging. Many are also underwhelmed in the lack of positive feedback.

Some are dropping it altogether because they are disillusioned with the process and the intent.

I don’t want to see this happening. If something is heavily impressed upon us to do, it is important to explore why.

  • Maybe God has a one time purpose for it?
  • Maybe there is something in you that needs to be developed?
  • Maybe it has a short-term purpose even if it seems like something long-term?
  • Maybe the purpose behind the passion will never be understood, it will only be explored, what then?

Whatever the reason is for our passions, it is known by God and only He can reveal the purpose & the plan in His time, His way. Will we trust that? Will we listen?

Help us, Lord.

My desire to write has been with me for as long as I can remember. But I’ve had long seasons of waiting, long seasons of excuses and I’ve wrestled with God because His timing is different than mine. I’m learning now…to take each day as He leads, even if that means not writing.

I remember wishing I’d been home schooled so that I could have the opportunity to write away, unlimited by the impression of peers on a daily basis. My children have the luxury of exploring their gifts in this way and it sparks the largest smiles on my face to see them do so.

I believe it delights our Lord as well, to see His children learn and grow as they explore their God-given talents & passions. 

Do you know why God has given you your passion, whatever it is? I’ve asked so many times. “Why, Lord? Why give me a desire to write with a brain that has such trouble staying on task and thinking clearly? Why this desire when I have so many other things on my plate? Should I wait? Should I stop? Should I push through?”

The thing is…He often reveals His plan only one step at a time. This is where faith steps in.

Will we believe God to the point that we act on it, even if we don’t like His answers?

Do we believe that God is good & trustworthy in ALL things, even when it comes to our pursuits?

Are we looking to Him for guidance, for nurturing, for approval, even if it seems that He is quiet?

When our eyes are taken off the Father, disappointment speaks loudly. Discouragement creeps in and despair looms.

At this point, the enemy whispers, “Throw it away.” “Forget about it.” “Why bother trying?” “You’re no good.” and a myriad of other ridiculously common lies.

It’s time to reclaim the gifts that God has given us. It’s time to allow God’s work in us for His purposes, even if that means laying our passions aside while He works in our hearts.

Whatever our pursuits are, may our endeavors in them be more about personal growth & His glory and less about personal prowess.

If there is a passion in your heart to write, to blog, to create, to start a business, to enter into dedicated ministry, to serve in some new way…whatever it is, please don’t throw it away.

Put your desires & passions in His capable hands & see what He does with it.

Would you pray with me?

Lord ~

All of our gifts & talents are from you and for you. Guide our hearts and minds to seek you in them. Help us to lay them before you. If you wish for us to pick it up today, tomorrow, and every day for a month, give us courage and wisdom to do so and to do it well.  If you desire for us to lay it down for today, for a month, a year or a lifetime, may we know your goodness to such a degree that we will trust you with this.

Encourage our hearts to sacrifice where we need to in ways that bring honor & glory to you. Grant us wisdom to push through the challenges & pursue our goals with the best of our abilities & your strengthening as we ought.

Whatever it is that is on our hearts today, may we not throw it away in the face of discouragement. May we lay it into your capable hands instead.




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