About App Sumo Deals

AppSumo brings limited time offers from newer companies who offer consumers an incredible deal to try them out. 

Many of the companies last and do well. They have roadmaps for future additions and early adopters can save hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Some companies may fizzle out. There is a risk, but if the offer fits a need you have, I believe it’s a risk worth taking.

There is little warning when an AppSumo deal will disappear. If your interested, I recommend grabbing it while it’s availble. Set reminders to check in with yourself on how it’s going. 

If it doesn’t work out, you have 60 days to request a refund and the process is easy. No hassle.

  • Schedule social media content
  • Create graphics for social media
  • Implement strategy for content
  • Create numerous, rich graphics for social media and more
  • Use the WP plugin to create graphics for posts
  • Upload fonts 
  • Resize images or use pre-determined image sizes
  • Use Logo or Watermarks
  • Easily find photos, templates, and quotes to use