The following Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals for Writers are a compilation of offers to help you find what’s helpful for you. I’ve done the research on numerous options and included each with notes on what stands out, what to take note of, and who it’s best suited for. My goal is to help you decide if this product would be helpful for you. Affiliate links are included. At no charge to you, using these links for purchase will help fund the work of Rise Up Writers. Thank you!

Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals for Writers 2019

Summary of Highlighted Offers

Please note, new deals may be added throughout the weekend, as may deal updates. 

AppSumo Offers

Important notes about AppSumo deals can be found here.

  • DepositPhotos – 100 stock photos or vector images
  • Book Like A Boss – appointment and booking scheduler
  • HeySummit – create summits featuring multiple voices in your niche

Writing Aids

  • ProWriting Aid – Check grammar, style, structure, usage, and more – 50% off
  • Scrivener – 20% off with coupon code (exp date unknown)
  • Crystal Paine – Your Blogging University – 50% off most courses

Planners & Goal Setting

  • Powersheets – 20% off
  • Plum Paper – 30% off
  • Passion Planner



Deposit Photos Cyber Weekend App Sumo Deal 2019


Offer Summary: 100 photos/vector images for $ 49 (stackable)

What Stands Out:

  • buying stock photos from sites often start at a dollar per
  • 100 photos for $49 makes each image/photo $ .49
  • code is stackable for additional credits

What to Take Note Of:

  • free photos can also be found at Pixabay, UnSplash, CreativeCommons, and other sources (be sure image is licensed for Creative Commons use before sharing publicly)
  • DepositPhotos offers an array of photos not found on free sites (some of the free images I’ve liked from the free sites are used by so many other people they become familiar)
  • uncommon images, especially ones you create yourself, stand out more than stock photos
  • stock photos make it easy to add images to blog posts and create graphics

Who Benefits:

  • anyone who wants images that aren’t as commonly found as free stock photos
  • virtual assistants
  • someone in need of background images for social media

DepositPhotos Deal on AppSumo


Book Like A Boss – Appointment Scheduling


Offer Summary: Lifetime access to BLAB features for $ 49 (stackable for more features)

What Stands Out:

  • feature rich ability to schedule appointments for coaching calls, clients, video interviews, and more
  • products & services can be sold (limited functionality)
  • create coupons
  • integrate with core calendars like google
  • receive payments for services
  • fine tune available time by day of the week
  • integrations with Zoom, Zapier, and MailChimp
  • landing page creation, plus possible embedded welcome video

What to Take Note Of:

  • BLAB offers a lot for what you get, without monthly charges
  • use for booking calls with clients, employees
  • schedule video chats / interviews for Facebook, YouTube, or podcasts

Who Benefits:

  • coaches who schedule video calls
  • coaches who offer products and services with coaching
  • podcast and video hosts who interview others
  • entrepreneurs
  • writers/speakers operating an intern plan that offers coaching services

Book Like a Boss on AppSumo


HeySummit – Create and host online summits in your niche

App Sumo Deal 2019 HeySummit

Offer Summary : Lifetime access to a specialized plan for $ 59 (stackable)

What Stands Out:

  • overall value of this package is one of the largest ones out there ($1188 for $59)
  • auto-generated graphics and social cards for sharing
  • sponsorship info included on speaker cards and video pages
  • affiliate management
  • a lot of possibilities for reaching a broader audience while generating revenue, depending on the services you provide. (Consider gathering various voices around your niche.)
  • custom domain

What to Take Note Of:

  • payment processing isn’t just 1.5% plus PayPal fees (currency processes through other countries so you end up paying exchange rates too)
  • to remove the 1.5% processing fee, add the $10 per month special offer for a customized business plan
  • a few helpful customizations are not very rich at this point (they are on the roadmap)
  • attendees refers to total attendees for all summits, not per summit
  • pulling a summit together takes a lot of time and work

Who Benefits:

  • those who want to share content from a collection of voices in their niche
  • those who want to share their expertise in a field and include other voices
  • those who want to monetize
  • those who want to reach a broader audience (summit experts are likely to promote and share with their audiences as well)

HeySummit on AppSumo


ProWriting Aid – check grammar, style, usage, and so much more

Offer Summary : 50% off all plans (1 year, 2 year, 3 year, or lifetime)

What Stands Out:

  • check for passive voice, adverb usage, spelling errors, and more
  • lifetime access for $120 is a great option for regular writers
  • using a grammar checker is an essential component for blog writing, article writing, and book writing
  • Google Chrome extension can be helpful for social media and email writing
  • works with Scrivener, MS Word (PC only), and Google Docs

What to Take Note Of:

  • plagiarism checks are limited to 2 for standard licenses (if you want more you can click the button on the page for options with plagiarism checks – 20 per year)
  • test the features out by going to and click on Use App at the top
  • for NON-Mac users only there is a PWA plugin that works with Microsoft Word

Who Benefits:

  • writers who write
  • especially helpful for submitting articles and manuscripts

ProWriting Aid


Scrivener – Writing Software with 20% off Coupon Code

Scrivener 3

Offer Summary : Coupon Code “writer” for 20% off, unknown expiration date 

What Stands Out:

  • feature rich software program worth far more than full price
  • use separate projects for each book and blog site
  • snapshot save feature let’s you easily see previous drafts and make comparisons after you make a change
  • easily rearrange components of project
  • not multiple word docs with various versions and piece for a book or blog
  • index card feature for planning and brainstorming specific pieces of content without interfering with document
  • color coding for moving content through drafts, keeping tack of characters, and more
  • word targets
  • integration with ProWriting Aid (above)

What to Take Note Of:

  • to save content, be sure to setup autosave with Dropbox and/or on your computer
  • when and if you need to upgrade, consider taking all content and dropping it into MS Word (or another program) in addition to keeping your backups

Who Benefits:

  • bloggers, authors, speakers, novelists, really anyone who writes
  • especially helpful for book writing

Scrivener 3 for Mac and PC


Crystal Paine – Your Blogging University Courses (most 50%)

Offer Summary : 50% off most courses in Your Blogging University ($30 off Monetization package)

What Stands Out:

  • short courses focused on one topic at a time

What to Take Note Of:

  • most courses are introductory level, featuring expert input

Who Benefits:

  • bloggers who are just starting out in any of the covered topics (branding, WordPress site, list building, etc.)

Your Blogging University Courses – Crystal Paine


Powersheets Bundles and Write the Word Journal Collection

Cultivate What Matters offers a goal planning system called PowerSheets. This is the first year it’s in a hardback version with monthly calendars.

I’m not using it for the coming year personally, but there is a lot to love about this resource! Dawn Owens did a guest post for us on how she uses PowerSheets in her writing process.

This sale only discounts 20% off PowerSheets in a bundle, not as a stand alone product. You can also receive 20% off on a set of Write the Word Journals and a few other items.



Cultivate What Matters Shop


My Planners for 2020

Plum Paper – Customizable planners with numerous layout options

I tried the 8.5″ by 11″ ME style for 2019 but it didn’t work like I hoped. I wanted to separate action items for social media, blog posts on two sites, and more. I found the boxes and lines too small even in this large planner.

For 2020 I’m going to try either the VP (vertical priorities) or Notes and Days. I need space to write all my to dos for a week. I also want the large monthly calendar to write down blog posts, email, and other items due on a specific date.

I also plan to try a smaller monthly tabbed planner with several dispersed pages and sections dedicated to household and lifestyle management.

Special Offer: 30% off all planners through Thanksgiving Weekend, additional 10% off accessories, freebie with orders of $30+

Plum Paper Planners

Passion Planner – Weekly Planner / NEW Daily Option

I’ve tried this one in the past and plan to try again this year. This is so I can see my weekly calendar at a glance. There is room for key to dos, but not enough for a full week of planning with numerous activities to manage.

Passion Planners

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