AppSumo offers incredible deals for bloggers and online entrepreneurs. Many include lifetime access to programs that help individuals and small business manage the work they do.

Offers come and go. Some are great and some not so much. Some may be wonderful for a few, but not for others. Plus, there are a few important things to know about purchasing AppSumo products.

When an offer reachers it’s limited number of purchases, it’s gone!


Deals are Often by Newer / Smaller Companies

As a way to build investment revenue and/or to get word out about a company’s products in a highly competitive field, they offer limited time promotions via AppSumo. This means there are a few risks and things to consider.

  • The company may or may not stick around. Many have, but there is greater volatility and risk. None of the companies I’ve purchased from have closed.  I’m not aware of any that have, but it’s a factor I keep in mind.
  • Support may be in another country. You might put in a trouble ticket at 10 AM your time and not hear back until 4 AM the next day because they are awake at different hours.
  • Support may be limited to a handful of people, or less. I’ve noticed responses from the same person in a couple of the tools I’ve purchased.
  • Features may be on the roadmap and not yet ready. Many of these companies are working fast and furious to meet the needs of customers. They may not have some features that a competitive product would. It could be months or a year plus out. Does this work for you?

Specific Features May Not Directly Correlate with a Pricing Tier

An AppSumo deal is an offering specific to purchases made via AppSumo. It comes with its own set of terms and benefits. These may correlate to a specific pricing tier offered by the company, but may not. 

  • Take note of each feature offered.
  • Don’t assume every feature in a given tier is included unless it is clearly stated.
  • Offers may be stackable for more features and expanded capabilities
  • Lifetime access offers may include a low monthly option for additional features

60-Day Return Policy

AppSumo’s return policy is incredible. You have 60 days to try out the program/application you purchased. If it doesn’t work for you, simply return it. The process is super easy. I’ve used it a couple of times.

  • Try out for 60 days
  • Return at if product doesn’t work for you.
  • No questions asked.
  • Money refunded within a few days

Who AppSumo Deals are Good For

AppSumo deals aren’t for everyone. It’s easy to get caught up in hype and not use the tools that are best for you. I research deals that stand out and include them on an update page, Rise Up Writers AppSumo Deals List. 

  • Solopreneurs, writers, course creators, coaches, bloggers, speakers, and podcasters who want to:
    • Manage social media content
    • Create graphics and manage image creation
    • Offer services like coaching, help desks, and more
    • Monetize through summits, SEO optimization, and other means
    • Scale the work they do
    • Invest a one time small fee to do what other companies charge monthly
    • Try a new way of managing their work without the large monthly charges by other companies

Jolene’s Purchases & Experiences with AppSumo

  • Use regularly: DesignBold
  • Don’t use often, but still valuable options: GetStencil, MissingLettr
  • Used some, plan to use more: Book Like A Boss (appointment scheduling), EventsFrame (event hosting), AudioHero (will use), BeLive (testing soon), Webinar Ninja
  • Used for a season: Grum (IG scheduler), Invanto (course hosting platform)
  • Tried & returned: SocialBee (have other options I use more), LiveAgent, and a Landing Page builder
  • Currently considering: HeySummit and